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Media Trials are scientifically rigorous experiments that use next-gen research technology to quantify the effectiveness of new products and strategies.

The objective of our Media Trial program is to impartially prove the effectiveness of your unique ad products and/or media vehicles and to provide wide-scale marketing and PR for visibility.

Media Trials from the past year are available for download below.

Ins and Outs of Ad Sentiment

March 24, 2021

The Ins & Outs of Ad Sentiment

This media trial, in partnership with Mediahub, explores how U.S. consumers feel about online video ads, based on a sample of 1,300 internet users. The study measures the contribution of the various factors affecting consumer perception and acceptance of online video campaigns, including content, format, ad load, targeting, and identifies key steps to improving their experience.

The Accelerated Purchase Journey

March 12, 2021

The Accelerated Purchase Journey

This study reveals that serving the right creative at the right time based on the purchase journey for a given product can more efficiently guide consumers through to purchase. After three ad exposures with creative optimized to where individuals are in the purchase journey, 14% of people were closer to purchase, speeding up the process. Meanwhile, without optimization, where the same ads were delivered at random, there was no progression through the purchase journey at all.

Ad Sequencing

January 27, 2021

Ad Sequencing

Advertisers have been creating multiple video ad lengths since the pre-digital days but have been particularly innovative in the last several years with newer, shorter ad lengths – :06 second ads, and yes, even :03 second ads. We also now have the technology to deliver those ads in a desired sequence. But what is the best sequence? Should short ads be used as a primer before longer ads? Or, maybe a reminder after longer ads? The media trials team conducted rigorous testing in the US and in Australia to uncover what works best.

The Influence of Context

December 14, 2020

The Influence of Context

With $19 billion in expected digital video spend next year, the media trials team partnered with Twitter to uncover the role of context in video ad effectiveness. The research focused on the impact of the content appearing prior to pre-roll video ads, including premium, broadcast quality content and multiple types of user generated content. In addition, the unique user experiences offered by both in-feed and non-feed video environments were explored.

Does Every Second Count?

December 10, 2020

Does Every Second Count?

In the early days of video ad lengths, it was generally known that short video ads were effective at generating awareness, but less so when it came to persuasiveness. A new study by MAGNA, IPG Media Lab, and Snapchat, “Does Every Second Count? Planning Ad Lengths Across Platforms,” revealed that these “truths” about the effectiveness of video ad length performance are no longer accurate.

Relevance Personalization

October 13, 2020

Pursuit of Relevance

As the world has continued to innovate, we have found that ad personalization is one of the more effective tools out there to help brands deliver more relevant ad experiences. In a new robust study by MAGNA and IPG Media Lab, “Pursuit of Relevance: All About Ad Personalization,” the effectiveness of personalized ads on brand KPIs was quantified and revealed brands can forge stronger connections with people through relevance in the form of personalized messaging. Ultimately, the same pre-roll video ad can drive +5% higher purchase intent with the use of more relevant, personalized messaging.

Valuing the Value Exchange

September 10, 2020

Valuing the Value Exchange

While we all know that streaming is up, over half of streamers report not knowing what to stream. This need for content discovery isn’t unique to a demographic — it’s universal. Magna, IPG Media Lab, and Roku partnered to explore what happens when brands offer experiences that help solve for this by sponsoring content discovery. Consumer opinions on the value exchange being offered were evaluated, as well as live, in-market testing of brand experiences vs. OTT video ads.

The Anatomy of a Video Experience - A multicultural story

September 8, 2020

The Anatomy of a Video Experience

In this trial by MAGNA, IPG Media Lab, Identity, and VEVO, research was conducted to explore how audiences consumed content across multiple devices; their motivations around viewing habits; and the influence of culturally-relevant content on video engagement and ad receptivity. The study further revealed other significant findings around the nuances of multicultural audiences’ video viewing behavior.

Mixing It Up - Diversifying Ad Formats

July 9, 2020

Diversifying Ad Formats

Now more than ever advertising budgets are fixed, leaving advertisers with questions on whether they should spend more on a single ad format or spread budget across multiple formats. In a new media trial by MAGNA, IPG Media Lab, and Twitter, both eye-tracking and ad effectiveness research was conducted to determine if ad format synergy is real, and if so, to explore how advertisers should leverage it to make budgets go further. Robust testing was conducted across 6 industry verticals and 136 different ad scenarios.

Dissecting Opportunity to See - Digital Presence

May 11, 2020

Digital Presence

Thus far, the advertising industry has primarily focused on only one of the factors that determines opportunity to see digital ads; whether the ad appears on the screen. What is often not discussed is the other factor that offers a non-fraudulent digital ad an opportunity to be seen–a person is present when the ad is on screen. To date, human presence has often been overlooked by the industry because it is difficult to measure, and because ads are served to personal devices like mobile phones. Thus, it is presumed that someone is present when a digital ad is on screen. While it seems logical, no one has actually tested this conjecture until now.

HVAS From Cookies to People

April 6, 2020

HVAS – From Cookies to People

With the emergence of big data and people-based IDs, advertisers have been shifting to a new, more precise deployment strategy: High Value Audiences (HVAs). The method relies on the identification of specific personas that are deemed as having more lifetime value than people reached through broader, more traditional methods. The segments are created from a large data set with audience behavior tracked at the consumer level. While traditional methods, such as demographic and contextual have allowed us to reach larger audiences, this new approach allows for precision where cookies can’t.